Mount Athos
Mount Athos is a mountain and a peninsula in Macedonia, northern Greece, called Άγιο Όρος (''Ayio Oros'' or "Holy Mountain") in Modern Greek, or Ἅγιον Ὄρος (''Hagion Oros'') in Classical Greek languageGreek. It is home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasterymonasteries and forms an autonomous state under Greek sovereignty. Only monasticismmonks are allowed to live on Athos and the current population numbers around 1,400. The peninsula, the easternmost "leg" of the larger Chalkidiki peninsula, protrudes into the Aegean Sea for some 60 km at a width between 7 to 12 km and covers an area of about 390 square kilometrekm², with the actual Mount Athos and its steep, densely forested slopes reaching up to 2,033 m.

Mount Athos as a monastic community was formally founded in 963, when the monk Athanasios established the monastery of Great Lavra, still the largest and most prominent of the 20 monasteries. It enjoyed the protection of the emperors of the Byzantine Empire during the following centuries and its wealth and possessions grew considerably. The Fourth Crusade in the 13th century brought new Roman Catholic overlords which forced the monks to seek protection from Pope Innocent III, until the restoration of the Byzantine Empire. It was raided by CataloniaCatalan mercenaries in the 14th century, a century that also saw the theological conflict over the hesychasm practised on Mount Athos and defended by Gregory Palamas.

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Advertise of the first site of Mount Athos that show that is upcoming, can be found here (1994).

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The first site about Mount Athos started back in 1994 as a work from national university of Athens under After years the same site under the name still exist with new design similar to the old.

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Two CD set from Holy Monastery of Xenofontos.

Byzantine chant from the celebration day of the Virgin Mary - Holy Monastery of Iviron.

Buy prayer ropes from the monks of Mont Athos

Walk in Mount Athos with out go
How to walk in Mount Athos with out go? It’s easy because of a multimedia presentation that you can find here

Become a monk.
To be a monk on Mount Athos the only this to do is to go to Mount Athos, see it from close, speak with the monks there, feel if this is for you.

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